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Flexitanks (also called Flexibags) offer an alternative to ISO tank containers for shipping oils, juices, wines, food-grade liquids and non-hazardous chemicals across the globe.

Flexitanks are usually loaded into 20' ISO containers for maritime transport. Sizes range from 16,000 to 26,000 litre in capacity.

A product data sheet (MSDS) is needed to check if the product is compatible with the materials of the flexitank. Also, we will ensure that a flexitank with the correct cubic capacity is used in order to maximise the payloads, depending on the product’s specific gravity.

Professional installation by trained staff is essential.

Benefits of using Flexitanks:

  • Cost-effective – Flexitanks are cheaper to use compared to drums, IBCs and tank containers
  • Keeps product quality intact – For an optimal protection of your cargo, each Flexitank consists of several layers of polyethylene, with an outer layer made of polypropylene to ensure the bag's sturdiness
  • Offer better protection against contamination – As flexitanks are designed for single-use the risk of contamination is reduced considerably
  • Makes loading/unloading faster – It does not require the use of a forklift to load or unload container which makes loading and unloading faster and cheaper as compared to the cost of using drums and IBCs
  • No cleaning cost – As the bags are disposable, there is no cleaning cost when using flexitanks
  • No additional storage required – When using flexitanks no additional storage is required as flexitank in itself is a reliable storage unit