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Construction of an ISO Tank:

Standard ISO Tank Containers are large stainless-steel pressure vessels held within a 20” steel frame that are used for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids, both food grade and chemical. Our ISO Tanks provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to transport bulk liquids both hazardous and non-hazardous.

The construction of ISO Tank Containers is to an extremely high standard and tested under the ISO standards by renowned surveying companies such as Bureau Veritas (BV) and DNV GL. 

Their inner shells are manufactured from stainless steel which has a high resistance to corrosion. Tank Containers are cladded which provides insulation to its contents as well as protection from external impacts.

Benefits of ISO Tanks:

Tank Containers very rarely leak. The risk of spillage upon loading, transportation and discharge is greatly reduced when compared against flexitanks and standard drums, making it the save option to transport chemicals.
An added benefit of Tank Containers are the pre-installed steam coils which allow for the efficient loading and discharge of temperature sensitive liquids such as Phenol.
A Tank Container can be typically loaded / unloaded within approximately 1.5 hours with minimum residue left, which makes ISO Tanks the preferred option to flexitanks and general drums in terms of handling and discharge.

ISO Tank Container

General  ISO Tank Specifications:

Maximum gross weight: 

36,000 kg

 Loading capability:

approximately 25,000 litres

Tare weight:  

3600-4000kg average 


20’ x 8’ x 8’6” 

Bottom Discharge: 

Outlet 3" BSP stainless steel foot-valve and 3" clamped butterfly valve

Top Load / Discharge: 

2” or 3” Top discharge connection 

Steam working pressure: 

4.0 bar 

Test pressure:

6.0 bar

Maximum cargo temperate:          

100-130 degrees C 


500mm (20") diameter